Video > Kazuo Shinohara in 'Kochuu'

Between 2001 and 2002 Kazuo Shinohara took part in the filming of Kochuu: Japanese Architecture/Influence & Origin, a documentary by the Swedish director and producer Jesper Wachtmeister that deals with Japanese architectural tradition.

In this clip we can see the House in Uehara, and hear the architect talk about his relationship with mathematics (which he taught until 1950), in addition to comparing Western and Japanese architectural traditions.

To mark the publication of 2G 58/59, dedicated to the houses of Kazuo Shinohara, Jesper Wachtmeister has shared with us this little clip from the documentary. We hope you enjoy it.

Kochuu. Japanese Architecture / Influence & Origin
Director and producer: Jesper Wachtmeister
© Solaris Filmproduktion & SVT AB 2003

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